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Providing you with fast, fair claim service is our priority. If you need to report a claim during regular business hours, please call our office at 419-229-3000. We are here to help you through the process.

Auto Related Claims

Auto accidents are unexpected and stressful.  

Be prepared 

  • Be sure you have your insurance card in your vehicle.  This will prove to the other party and the authorities that you are insured.

Immediately after an accident

  •  Check for injuries; call an ambulance when in doubt.
  •  If the accident is minor, move cars out of traffic.
  •  Make notes about the accident - what you were doing at the time, what the other driver did.  Get any witness information, etc.
  •  Get the name of the driver and ask who the car is titled to and get that information also.
  •  Describe the facts only, don't tell anyone the accident was your fault, even though it may have been.
  •  Don't sign anything unless it's required by police for their use.

Non-Auto Related Claims

If you experience a claim which is not auto related, take measures to minimize further damage.  For instance, tarp a roof which has
been damaged,  Do not leave standing water in the event of water backup or plumbing failure.   Take pictures!

After business hours or on weekends, you should report the claim directly to the company at one of the numbers listed below

Grange Insurance 24 hour claims reporting: 800-445-3030 Auto glass claims: 800-951-9734 Central Companies 8:00 a.m.-7:30 p.m. M-F 800-263-2924
     After hours & weekends 800-241-2541

Westfield Group      24/7 claims reporting 800-441-3311

Progressive Insurance 24/7 claims reporting 800-274-4499

Pekin Insurance 24 hour claim call center 888-735-4611

Foremost Insurance 24 hour claims reporting 800-527-3907

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